1950   Hillel House, McGill University, Montreal(paintings and drawings)
1954   YM et YWHA, Montreal. (Oils, pastels and watercolours)
1959   Galerie 12, Montreal Fine Arts Museum
1962   Artlender Gallery, Montreal.
1963   Holy Blossom Temple, Toronto, Ontario
1963   Palais Montcalm, Quebec
1965   Artlender Gallery, Montreal
1966   Jason Teff Gallery, Montreal, exhibition of drawings
1969   Artlender Gallery, Montreal (12 May)
1973   Jeanne Newman Gallery, Montreal. Presentation of eight watercolours illustrating scenes from The Tempest by Shakespeare.
1974   Trésor d'Art Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba
1976   Cummings Building, Montreal, under the patronage of the Jewish Publie Library. This exhibition included 19 watercolours illustrations from the Ballads by the Yiddish poet Itsik Manger, and 9 illustrations in charcoal and pastel from Baudelaire's Fleurs
du Mal.
1976   Balcon des Images, Montreal; graphie works exhibition
1979   Hebrew University in Jerusalem
1979   Cardigan-Milne Gallery, Winnipeg; exhibition of paintings and Iithographs (October)
1980   Cummings Building, Montréal, under the patronage of the Jewish Public Library. This exhibition included a series of paintings ilIustrating scenes from the Hershele Ostropolier Staries by Isaac Bashevis Singer, Among Men and Beasts by P. Trepman, Kubla Khan by ST Coleridge, as weil as portraits and lithographes (25 May to 15 June)
1981   Dominion Gallery, Montreal, exhibition on the theme of the Actors
1981   Kastel Gallery, Montreal
1981   Cardigan-Milne Gallery, Winnipeg
1983   Bellefeuille Gallery, Montreal


1952   New York
1956   Winnipeg Biennial
1959   Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, exhibition celebrating 200 years ofJewish art in Canada
1961   Vancouver Community Center, Vancouver
1964   Laval City Hall, Quebec
1967   Artlender Galelry, Montréal
1970   Pratt Institute, New York
1971   Pratt Institute, New York
1978   Palo Alto Art Club, Stanford University, CaIifornia. Lithographs.
1978   Cardigan-Milne Gallery, Winnipeg. Exhibit of graphie artworks
1981   Hancock Galelry, New York
1985   Daniel Gallery, Montréal
1988   Saidye Bronfman Centre for the Arts: "Jewish Painters and Modernity in Montreal, 1930-1945" (from October 6 to November 5)
1989   Opus 2 Gallery, Montreal
1991   Pratt & Whitney Institute, Montreal, “ Les Femmeuses”
1993   Lacerte galelry, Palardy and Associates, Montreal, "The Modern Nude"
1993   Josh Kligerman Gallery, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.


1960   First prize, Saint-Laurent Art Exhibition
1968   First prize from the Pratt Institute, New York, for the international miniature etchings contest


1973   The Tempest, William Shakespeare
1975   Poems for my MotheT, Joseph Rogel
1976   Transposed Reality, poems by Rachel Korn
1976   Ballads, Itzik Manger, published in the magazine Moment, vol. 2, 1978.
1976   Les Fleurs du mal, Charles Baudelaire
1977   Illustrations for Ballads by Itzik Manger which were used by a dance company for their show on TV-WGBH of Boston, Massachusetts
1978   Book cover of The American -Jeremiad by Sacvan Bercovitch, University of Wisconsin
1979   Kubla Khan, Samuel Taylor Coleridge
1981   Book cover for the publication Les Juifs du  Québec, Institut de Recherche sur lescultures
1982   Tales and Short Stories by Isaac Bashevis Singer
1983   Lithography for Albert Dumouchel, A Tribu te, Studio Graphia
1985   Opus 2 Gallery, Montreal
1994-1996 West End Gallery, Westmount (Montreal)


Côte Saint-Luc Library, Montreal
Harvard University Center for Humanities, Cambridge, Massachussetts
Ville de Laval, Québec
Maimonide Hospital, Montreal
Jewish library Saidye Bronfman, Montreal
Musée national des Beaux-Arts du Québec, Quebec
University of Jerusalem